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Wilton Woven Rugs

A Wilton Woven rug gets its name from Wilton, England where they were first made hundreds of years ago. After moving their focus from wool harvesting to making wool products, Wilton became a known producer of carpets and rugs. Their first loom was patented in 1741. The textures and patterns in the rugs are very diverse; some have a looped appearance while others look more like cut-velvet.

Wilton Woven rugs are constructed three different ways and include no more than five colors in the design. The first construction method is called face-to-face weave. Two backings are machine attached by pile yarn. The pile yarn is then cut to make two separate rugs. The second construction method is called single frame or plain Wilton weave. In this method, the pile is looped, and may either be cut or left intact. The multi-frame construction method is the third type. Also referred to as a Jacquard Wilton rug, this construction creates a particularly durable rug with a soft look and feel. All types of construction are known for their strength and ability to hold up in high traffic areas.

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