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Braided Rugs

These colorful rugs have been adding warmth to homes for ages. Unlike other area rugs that are typically rectangular, braided rugs are usually woven in oval or round shapes. They are typically very colorful, and bright. They are comfortable underfoot and particularly durable.

Braided rugs usually incorporate many colors into an eclectic color palette. This tradition comes from the early days when braided rugs were made from the scraps of fabric around the house. If you have a decoratively dense space, a braided rug with all its colors and textures can be a great addition. The braided rug category is a diverse category, however. There are many braided rugs that come in solid and subtle color palettes that are great for rooms with simpler design schemes.

Braided rugs are also known for their strength and durability. These rugs are sturdy, longlasting, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Because the fabric is tightly braided and laced, braided rugs resist dirt and grime exceptionally well. Simple upkeep, such as regular sweeping or vacuuming and flipping the rug to even the wear is all that is required.