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Daffeyo L Tubman

Hello, what is the name and/or brand of the rug in the picture that also serves as the link/button to the Contemporary Rugs? It is the teal, light blue and Ivory/Beige one. I cannot find it in the searches I have run so far. Thanks!


Jessica with

Here it is!:


What is the name of the carpet in the ad... dark grey with cream and red?


Jessica with

It is this one: Hope it helps!


Could please tell me if the no tax and free shipping is to Canada as well . abd is it charged in canadian funds


Jessica with

We charge for shipping to Canada, and the total purchase price would be in US$. We can ship any of our brands except Abacasa and Safavieh to Canada. For a quote, please email the rug(s) and size(s) you are interested in, as well as the postal code the rug(s) would be shipping to, to and we will get you a quote ASAP. Please also review our return policy here Thanks!

Sandra Belisle

I received my rug a few days ago and it is very nice. I have weights on the ends to straighten the rug, but there are ripples, waves, in the middle of the rug. How do I get rid of this? Will it eventually lie flat?

Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane

I am loving the Miami!


the link to answer what rug and where it would go doesn't i am entering it here: as you can see, i have so many different ones i would choose, wanted something for the craft room to inspire me, but now i need for all over the house :D lol
Southwest Dream Rug, PAI-6002 from Paria by Surya, Itaska from Cascade by Jaipur, Zahra, MZ-16, FM-7108, MST-1, FA20, Deep Sea Dives, Tropical Fish, JL-31 butterfly, Rizzy Southwesti. could spend a month looking on your website! :)


You have so many contemporary rugs. I'm feeling a overwhelmed. Is there a way to only see the contemporary rugs that come in an 8' x 11' size?


Sara with

Julie, we do have a way for you to search by a specific size in a Contemporary rug search. In the left part of this page you should see two drop-downs. They are labeled "Width" and "Length". Remember to also have the 'Contemporary' option selected or you will just return any rug that comes in a size of 8' wide and 11' long. If you want to be more specific you can also search for a specific size. So let's say you want to only see rugs that are exactly 8' x 11' ( not 8'1" x 11" or 8' x 11'6"). You can do this by looking at our 'Custom Size' button within our Size container. I've included two links in this response.
1 - Contemporary rugs that come in a size of 8' to 8'11" wide and a length of 11' to 11'11" long.
2 - Contemporary rugs that come in a size exactly 8' x 11'.

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Contemporary rugs are the cutting edge of fashion - they change from season to season, always keeping up with the current trends. This year, you'll find Moroccan-inspired trellises and intricate geometrics, modern minimalist shags, and bohemian flatweaves that could provoke the wanderlust in anyone.

The contemporary category is perfect beginning for a home redesign because it encompasses many different popular styles. A rug with bold designs and colors can serve as the primary focal point of a room, or a more neutral one can add a grounding element to an already busy design. Start your search for a more updated home here.