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Viscose Rugs

Viscose, also known as faux silk, is a very soft and illustrious material often used in clothing and textiles. It is a synthetic fiber, similar to rayon and spun from a mixture of natural wood fibers, cotton by-products, and man-made materials. Viscose can be created in such a way to mimic several different natural materials like wool, cotton or linen, but is most commonly used as an alternative for silk. It is one of the cheapest synthetic rug materials.

Synthetic fibers like viscose are often used with machine weaving techniques. This means that a viscose rug can be created in a fraction of the time needed for a silk rug and is more affordable.

Though very soft, a viscose rug lacks the strength found in wool and silk rugs and should be kept in areas of the house with less foot traffic. Due to this weakness, rugs are very rarely made of 100% viscose. They are instead combined with stronger fibers such as wool or polypropylene to give the finished product durability as well as a luxurious sheen and soft feel. But rugs that are 100% viscose are not a bad investment. They can handle light wear and are suitable for places such as guest rooms or seasonal decorating.

Viscose rugs may also bleed if exposed to moisture. To keep them from getting wet, they should not be placed directly in front of a door leading outside. Any cleaning should be done by a professional, but they will also warn of possible dye spreading.