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Nylon Rugs

Nylon is one of the most common fibers used in carpets and rugs. Nylon was originally developed as a substitute for silk, so it mimics the softness and bright colors of a silk rug. Nylon rugs are much more durable, affordable, and easier to clean than silk.

Nylon is a great material in its own right, especially considering the low cost. Nylon is most known for its durability: it is the strongest synthetic fiber used in rug construction. The fibers are very resilient and spring back after being bent or crushed, preventing matting of the rug. Nylon is well suited to high-traffic areas and in rooms where furniture is kept on top of rugs, since the indentations that often are problematic are less likely to show.

Nylon rugs are easily cleaned and they repel most dirt and grime. They are also solution dyed which creates brilliant, long lasting colors. Most nylon rugs today are treated with antistatic coating to repel dust and eliminate "shocks" one could get from frequent walking across the rug surface.

Nylon may be a little more expensive than other synthetic fibers, but that extra cost is made up for by the durability, brilliance, and versatility of these rugs.