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Acrylic Rugs

Acrylic fiber is a man-made fiber that has a similar look and feel to wool. Acrylic is less expensive than wool, mold and mildew resistant, easily holds bright colors, dries quickly and is relatively stain resistant. They are perfect for bathrooms or accenting guest rooms that have lighter traffic.

Acrylic rugs are best suited in low traffic areas like bathrooms. The acrylic fibers feel similar to wool but they are not as durable, and regular foot traffic might damage the rug. However, acrylic rugs can be replaced relatively inexpensively. While a lot of foot traffic may damage acrylic fibers, the fibers can withstand machine washing making small rugs easy to clean.

While 100% acrylic rugs are available, you are far more likely to see acrylic blends with wool. By blending the fibers, the material is stronger than acrylic alone and less expensive than 100% wool rugs.

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