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Pink Rugs

Pink is the color most commonly associated with romance. Blush pink is a popular choice this season, pairing femininity with neutral shades to make it more sophisticated.

Many nurseries and little girl’s bedrooms feature pink as the main color, and pink and white rugs with animals or floral patterns are popular choices. When choosing a rug for these rooms, keep the durability factor in mind. Wool is a good choice, particularly for a child's room, since wool is naturally stain resistant, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Pink is also a popular color in traditional Victorian decorating schemes because of its associations with innocence and purity. Pink and green flowered rugs are popular choices, as are pairing it with gold and white.

If you want to crank up the power, there are plenty of dark pink or fuchsia rug choices out there as well. Fuchsia evokes the same feelings of power and strength that red does, while still containing the feminine undertones of pink. Many modern rug designs feature this color as the focal point, and when paired with contrasting colors like black and grey, this color becomes even more dramatic.