Calvin Klein Rugs

Calvin Klein Rugs

CK Canyon

Hand Crafted, Viscose / Suede

CK Cascade

Hand Made, 79% VISCOSE / 21% WOOL

CK Coastal

Flatweave, 100% Wool

CK Field Stripe

Hand Woven, 100% Wool

CK Gradient

Machine Made, 40% WOOL / 60% VISCOSE

CK Haze

Hand Loomed, Wool

CK Heath

Hand Made, 100% RAYON

CK Kerala

Machine Made, Sisal

CK Linear Glow

Handmade, 100% Wool

CK Longview

Hand Tufted, Wool

CK Loom Select

Machine Made, 100% Wool

CK Lowland

Hand Woven, 30% POLYESTER / 41% WOOL / 25% COTTON / 4% RAYON

CK Lucia

Hand Made, 65% WOOL / 35% RAYON

CK Lunar

Hand Loomed, Silk

CK Luster Wash

Machine Made, 100% New Zealand Wool

CK Mangrove

Hand Woven, Jute

CK Maya

Power Loomed, New Zealand Wool / Luxelle Viscose

CK Mesa

Handmade, 66% Jute / 34% Rayon

CK Metropolitan

Hand Crafted, Wool

CK Monsoon

Hand Woven, 97% JUTE / 3% NYLON

CK Moritz

Hand Made, F: 100% WOOL / B: 100% POLYESTER

CK Nara

Machine Made, Polyester / Polypropylene / Wool

CK Naturals

Handmade, All Natural Wool Fibers

CK Nevada

Hand Made, 100% WOOL

CK New Patina

Machine Woven, Wool Pile

CK Plateau

Handmade, 100% Wool

CK Prairie

Hand Crafted, Rawhide

CK Puli

Hand Crafted, 100% Microfiber Polyester

CK Ravine

Hand Tufted, 72% RAYON / 28% WOOL

CK Reflective

Handmade, New Zealand Wool

CK Sahara

Hand Tufted, Faux Silk / Wool

CK Sequoia

Hand Crafted, 100% New Zealand Wool

CK Shetland

Hand Woven, Wool Blend

CK Shimmer

Handmade, 100% Bamboo Viscose

CK Tundra

Handmade, 100% Wool Pile

CK Urban

Hand Woven, Wool

CK Vale

Handmade, 80% Wool / 20% Viscose

CK Varick

Hand Made, 90% RAYON / 10% WOOL

CK Woven Textures

Machine Made, 70% Wool / 30% Polypropylene

CK218 Lowland

Hand Woven, 41% WOOL / 30% POLYESTER / 25% COTTON / 4% RAYON

CK221 Ravine

Hand Tufted, 72% RAYON / 28% WOOL

CK38 Heath

Hand Made, 100% RAYON

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