Square Area Rug Shapes:

Square rugs are designed to make any room look cozy, warm, and inviting. Due to their unique shape, they are also one of the most difficult rugs to find. At Plush Rugs, we offer a wide selection of square discount rugs at the lowest prices available.

Decorating with square area rugs is not difficult, particularly when you follow these quick and easy square area rug accessorizing tips.

Decide if the square rug will cover the entire room or work as an accent piece. Larger square area rugs are good choices for concealing faded or permanently stained areas of wall-to-wall carpeting, and smaller square area rugs are excellent for protecting wood floors from the legs of furniture and other items.

If it is being used as an accent piece, your square area rug should be centered to provide maximum warmth and insulation as well as a convenient place for children to sit while watching television. Square area rugs are also excellent ways to help sound proof a room.

A square area rug can also be used to define a separate area of a large room. For example, if you want to create a separate study corner, a square rug, with furniture strategically placed around it can help to achieve this purpose. Just remember that small rugs make small rooms look larger, and large rugs make large rooms look smaller.

For the widest selection of difficult to find, unique, square discount rugs, including square wool rugs, square cotton rugs, and many other types, browse through our extensive online catalogue today.

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1'6" Square
2'6" Square
3' Square
3'3" Square
3'6" Square
3'9" Square
3'11" Square
4' Square
4'3" Square
4'4" x 6'
5' Square
5'1" Square
5'3" Square
5'6" Square
5'9" Scallop Square
5'9" Square
6' Square
6'3" Square
6'6" Square
6'7" Square
7' Square
7'3" Square
7'5" Square
7'6" Square
7'6" x 10'5"
7'7" Square
7'8" Square
7'9" Scallop Square
7'9" Square
7'10" Square
8' Square
8'2" Square
8'3" Square
8'6" Square
8'9" Square
9' Square
9'9" Scallop Square
9'9" Square
10' Square
11' Square
11'9" Square
12' Square
13' Square